Recent Bedbug Infestations Must Be Disclosed

Recent Bedbug Infestations Must Be Disclosed

Should Recent Pest or Bedbug Infestations Need To Be Disclosed Before Selling A Home?

We’ve been asked this question and it’s kind of funny but the short answer is “definitely”.  Before selling a home or property you are legally required to report a recent Bedbug or pest infestation infestation, no matter how small.

How Much Time Has To Pass Before Mentioning The Infestation?

If it’s been within months it is probably a good idea to disclose it. If you have had services done by a Bedbug exterminator or pest control company, it is good to keep the records in a file of receipts and service notices in order to hand over when selling the property to avoid any attorney try to make a claim that you were withholding information or trying to be ‘sneaky’ about it.

During a home inspection, we look for things like recent pest infestation signs and are required to report our findings.

Often times Bedbugs will hide in Air Vents and small dark spaces that have plenty of warmth.

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Bedbug Exterminator

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