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Thorough Mold Inspection Service in Wichita, KS

Mold is not only an extremely dangerous health concern it can also cost you thousands if not dealt with immediately. Call  316-409-6985 for an inspection today.

Avoid Costly Remediation & Health Problems

One of the worst things about mold is that many of the symptoms are not immediately obvious. The most common symptom of mold poisoning is respiratory ailments. Being that the symptoms are more commonly associated with other health problems, most people overlook the possibility of it being caused by mold. In other words, many people end up having mold in their home for an extended period of time without ever knowing. This may cause serious health issues as the mold continues to grow unabated.

In addition to being a serious health hazard, mold can be very costly. The average cost of mold remediation in the US is $7,500 and can range in price from $500 to $10,000 in Wichita, Kansas.

You simply can’t afford to risk allowing mold to grow in your home or business.

High Quality Mold Testing in Wichita

The importance of mold testing is undeniable but what is also imperative is that it is done right. An inexperienced inspector could easily overlook the presence of mold in your home or office, allowing it cause problems later on. Kansas REI has inspected over 600 homes and commercial buildings and have a solid local reputation to stand behind our work.

About Kansas REI

  • Family owned and operated
  • Local business with a stellar reputation
  • Over 600 homes and businesses inspected
  • Certified, high quality inspections

Kansas REI will thoroughly inspect your home or business for any traces of mold and instruct you on the next steps, should anything be detected.

Contact Larry today to schedule a thorough full home or building inspection for mold in Wichita, KS.

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