What happens in a property inspection?

What happens in a property inspection?

A property inspection is an interactive process where you get an expert walk-through of the home you’re considering. A typical inspection can take a few hours to complete because their investigation needs to be thorough and recorded in an organized way. Here’s what you can expect from a property inspection.

1. Visual inspection

During the visual inspection, your home inspector will look at the home’s roof, floors, walls, windows, and doors. As they walk through the home, they will also assess the integrity of the property’s structure and mechanical systems.

2. Documentation and pictures

Expect the property inspector to take many pictures throughout their walk-through. These will be included in the report and will also serve as proof of any issues found. This can be used before and after a repair to ensure it was completed.

3. Report with recommendations

The report will contain a professional opinion on the condition of the property, home, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system. A home inspection report will also identify areas that need repair or maintenance. After these recommendations, potential buyers will also have time to look over the report before closing.