Earthquakes in Wichita : Home Inspection Advice

Earthquakes in Wichita : Home Inspection Advice

Recently featured on KWCH12 news in Wichita concerning earthquakes and the potential damage they can cause.

Cox said, “If you do notice some significant damages, you do want to document that, take some photos and look at getting those repaired. So that could be a structural engineer or just a general contractor. May also be something you want to contact your home insurance company about.”

Earthquakes in Wichita Kansas Past 30 Days

earthquakes in wichita kansas past 30 days

Cox said, “Look for any new cracks that are forming in the foundation walls. It’s common for older homes to have typical cracks that occur. So anything that’s a hairline crack or about a 1/8th inch in width or smaller isn’t typically a concern. If you’re seeing something 1/2 inch or wider that’s definitely going to tell you, you need to get someone to come in.”

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