All The Ways Your House Is Trying To Kill You

All The Ways Your House Is Trying To Kill You

All The Ways Your House Is Trying To Kill You


Inside the Home

The inside of your home is full of potential health hazards. Medications that are meant to heal may result in serious illness, decorative plants can poison you and your pets, and an innocent evening in front of the fireplace could end with your house in ashes. Even your comfy couch might contain lethal chemicals. Choose the items you bring into your home with care and consideration, and you may just save yourself from a world of trouble.

Animals and Pests

Many animals, even your beloved cat or dog, carry diseases like toxoplasmosis in their feces and can spread them to you and your family. If raccoons or rodents have taken up residence in your attic, it means your home may be contaminated by bacterial diseases like leptospirosis or parasites like raccoon roundworm, fleas, ticks, and mites. When this happens, insulation replacement is an absolute must, and animal-proofing your home will keep your family safe from repeat invaders. Wildlife control and pest removal services are vital to maintaining a healthy household.

Gas and Chemicals

Odorless gasses and chemicals are one of the deadliest household hazards, because they can wreak havoc without you being the wiser. Installing carbon monoxide detectors and utilizing protective gear when handling chemicals like pesticides and household cleaners are just a few of the preventative measures you can take to keep these invisible threats from causing harm.


The very appliances we depend upon every day for sustenance, hygiene, and climate control are lying in wait to cause us injury. Every day, dryers are starting house fires and air conditioning systems are spewing toxic mold spores. Abiding by the instruction manuals accompanying these appliances and conducting regular inspections can go a long way in preventing certain disaster.

Outside the Home

Your backyard should be a relaxing respite from the stress of everyday life, but something as routine as sitting out on the deck or cutting the grass can result in a trip to the hospital. Being diligent about lawn and home maintenance and becoming educated about the nature around you are both great ways to arm yourself against the dangers of your yard.

Don’t let your home kill you. Follow these simple suggestions for preventing household catastrophes, and let ABC Wildlife help you safeguard your home by providing the very best in wildlife control and pest removal services.