Do Home Inspectors Get On The Roof?

Do Home Inspectors Get On The Roof?

Yes, home inspectors get on the roof. Inspecting the roof is part of the home inspection process and spotting roofing damage early may save a potential buyer from making a poor investment decision. For example, a buyer wants to buy a new home and during the inspection the home inspector finds missing shingles, water or moisture damage that isn’t easily visible to an ordinary person and even altered or cut roof structures that may give the buyer extra negotiating power on the price or prevent a buyer from having buyers remorse.

What are some reasons an inspector may choose not to walk on a roof?

If the conditions don’t appear to be safe, such as ice or rain or it is just unreachable.  Some home inspectors have drones in the case of a hard to reach rooftop. If for some reason a part of the roof is not reachable or seeable even with a drone, the home inspector should make a note of it in the report.

Should you buy a house with roof damage?

It depends on the type of damage. Often times a home inspector might find some roof damage and after the inspection, it is not as severe as it looked and that can be good leverage for negotiation. Or, something that looked like an easy fix is actually sever damage, or has been covered up, and can save a potential buyer from accidentally getting swindled. Read more on buying a house with roof damage.