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Need a home inspector for a home in Maize KS? Save yourself future time, money and stress by hiring an outside home inspector who truly cares about attention to detail.

I don’t rush jobs just to get onto the next one, I take the time and patience required to do the right thing and look at everything. – Larry Cox

Why Choose Kansas REI?

With an Internachi certification, the buyer is shielded from faults, it’s the highest level of home inspection in the industry. Buying without a home inspection, especially buying one without an Internachi certified inspector, is risky.

Home Inspection Costs For Maize, KS

Our prices for home inspection are average to the industry and the quality of detail is top of the line. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Going cheap on a home inspection could end up being very expensive.  Is saving $25-$30 really worth it if a mistake or overlook ends up costing thousands of dollars in repairs after you’ve already signed?

  • 0 – 1,200: $225
  • 1,200 – 1,499: $250
  • 1,500 – 1,999: $275
  • 2,000 – 2,499: $300
  • 2,500 – 2,999: $325
  • 3,000 – 3,499: $350
  • 3,500 – 3,999: $400

Note:For additional costs to use a home inspector or for a quote on mold testing, see this link.

Mold Testing & Remediation

In addition to being a real health hazard, mold can be very costly. It’s sad to think it happens, but a company who finds our their property or home has mold, might try to cover it up instead of repairing it, which is why it is invaluable to hire a home inspector. The average cost of mold remediation in the US is $7,500 and can range in price from $500 to $10,000 in Wichita, Kansas.

About The City Of Maize

Maize has a mayor-council-administrator form of government. The city council consists of the mayor and five members who serve part-time. The mayor is elected to a four-year term while terms for council members are staggered such that two members are up for election every two years.

Kansas REI provides home inspections to homes and residential properties to Maize, KS at no extra charge.

Maize is a city in Sedgwick County, Kansas, United States, and a suburb of Wichita. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 3,420. Maize, derived from a Native American word for “corn”, was so named because it is located within the Corn Belt.

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